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collapse Year : 2017 ‎(1)
EFAMA-welcomes-European-Commission’s-proposed-prudential-regime-for-Investment-Firms.aspx20/12/2017EFAMA welcomes European Commission’s proposed prudential regime for Investment FirmsFinancial Markets; Investor ProtectionCMU; AIFMD; Credit Rating Agencies; MiFID/MiFIR; UCITS V
collapse Year : 2016 ‎(1)
EFAMA-submits-asset-managers’-views-on-Green-Paper-on-retail-financial-services.aspx21/03/2016EFAMA submits asset managers’ views on Green Paper on retail financial servicesFinancial Markets; Long-Term Savings; Taxation; Investor ProtectionAIFMD; CMU; ELTIFs; Investor education; IORP; MiFID/MiFIR; Pensions; PRIPS; UCITS V
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(1)
STATEMENT-EFAMA-welcomes-debate-on-retail-financial-services.aspx10/12/2015STATEMENT: EFAMA welcomes debate on retail financial servicesFinancial Markets; Investor Protection; Long-Term SavingsCMU; Pensions; MiFID/MiFIR; PRIPS; Investor Education
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(1)
EFAMA-responds-to-MiFID-Agreement.aspx17/01/2014EFAMA responds to MiFID AgreementInvestor Protection; Financial MarketsMiFID/MiFIR