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EFAMA elects M&G Securities Chief Executive William Nott as its new President

Nicolas Calcoen, Amundi’s Chief Financial Officer, is elected Vice President
Friday 23 June 2017 – EFAMA, the European Fund and Asset Management Association, has elected William Nott as President for a two-year term (until June 2019). The election took place at the occasion of EFAMA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) hosted by The Investment Association in London on Friday, 23 June.
The AGM also elected Nicolas Calcoen, Chief Financial Officer of Amundi, as EFAMA’s Vice-President for the same two-year term.
William Nott, who has just completed a two year term as EFAMA’s Vice-President, succeeds Alexander Schindler, EFAMA President since 2015. William Nott has been CEO of M&G Securities, the retail funds business of M&G, since 2006 and is also Chief Strategy Officer of M&G Group. He has served on the EFAMA Board of Directors and the board of the Investment Association for a combined total of sixteen years.
Nicolas Calcoen has been Chief Financial Officer and Head of Finance & Strategy at Amundi Group since October 2012. Nicolas Calcoen has also been an economist with the Department of Public Finances at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C., and has held Deputy Director positions in the cabinet of the Minister of the Economy, Finances and Industry and the cabinet of the Minister of Budget, Public Accounts and Civil Administration in France. He has been a member of the EFAMA Board of Directors since 2012.
In his inaugural address as President of EFAMA, William Nott said: “In his inaugural address as President of EFAMA, William Nott said: “It is a great honour and responsibility to be entrusted with the presidency of such a highly successful and well respected association. I look forward to continuing the excellent work of our outgoing President, Alexander Schindler, who has been unrelenting in ensuring the views and concerns of EFAMA and its members have been clearly heard by policymakers and regulators. This engagement on behalf of our end investors - whose interests are our number one priority - is more important than ever at this crucial time for Europe and the European asset management industry.”
Peter De Proft, Director General of EFAMA commented: “We are delighted to welcome William Nott and Nicolas Calcoen as our new President and Vice-President. EFAMA is resolute to actively engage in the global and European regulatory debates that govern and drive our business model in a new European world. Our new Presidency will surely help us achieve this. With William and Nicolas, a talented team in place in the EFAMA secretariat, and the indispensable support of our members, we will continue to work alongside policymakers and regulators to build the best possible regulatory environment for our industry.”
Members at the EFAMA Annual General Meeting also elected a new Board of Directors for a two-year term*.
EFAMA and its newly appointed Presidency are committed to an agenda that protects the investor and communicates on the crucial role asset managers can play in the financing of the economy. As the representative association for the European asset management industry, we will continue to focus on the following objectives:

 -  To continue to build investor confidence, support investor-centric legislation and promote investor education
 - To promote the financing of the economy and actively help build up a well-functioning CMU 
 - To help develop an European Personal Pension product to increase choices for retirement saving  and trigger a shift of retail savings into capital markets   
 - To build on the good governance of the asset management industry and strengthen its competitiveness in terms of cost and quality
 - To increase global recognition of the UCITS and AIF brand on a European and worldwide level.

* Board of Directors listed in Notes to Editors below.
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For media enquiries, please contact:
Peter De Proft, Director General
Telephone: +32 (0) 2 513 39 69
About the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA):
EFAMA is the representative association for the European investment management industry. EFAMA represents through its 28 member associations and 62 corporate members close to EUR 23 trillion in assets under management of which EUR 14.1 trillion managed by 58,400 investment funds at end 2016. Just over 30,600 of these funds were UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities) funds, with the remaining 27,800 funds composed of AIFs (Alternative Investment Funds). For more information about EFAMA, please visit

EFAMA’s Board of Directors:
President:  William Nott
Vice President:  Nicolas Calcoen
National Member Association Representatives:
Austria - VÖIG: Armin Kammel  
Belgium - BEAMA: Josette Leenders  
Bulgaria - BAAMC: Petko Krustev  
Croatia – HGK: Hrvoje Krstulović
Cyprus – CIFA: Marios Tannousis
Czech Rep - AKAT CR:  Jana Brodani
Denmark - IFR: Jens Jørgen Holm Møller 
Finland - FFFS: Jari Virta  
France - AFG: Pierre Bollon
Germany - BVI: Thomas Richter  
Greece - AGII: Marina Vassilicos
Hungary - BAMOSZ: Andras Temmel
Ireland - IFIA:  Pat Lardner
Italy - Assogestioni: Fabio Galli 
Liechtenstein - LAFV: Annette von Osten 
Luxembourg - ALFI: Camille Thommes
Malta – MFIA: Kenneth Farrugia
Netherlands - DUFAS: Hans Janssen Daalen
Norway - VFF:  Bernt Zakariassen
Portugal - APFIPP:  Manuel Puerta da Costa
Romania - AAF: Jan Pricop
Slovakia - SASS:  Marian Matusovic
Slovenia - ZDU: Karmen Rejc
Spain - Inverco: Angel Martínez Aldama
Sweden - FBF - SIFA: Fredrik Nordström
Switzerland - SFAMA: Markus Fuchs
Turkey - TKYD: Alp Keler   
United Kingdom - IA: Chris Cummings
Corporate Member Representatives (in alphabetical order):
Eurizon Capital - Andrea Beltratti
SEB Investment Management - Peter Branner
BlackRock - Joanna Cound
JP Morgan Asset Management - Massimo Greco
Axa Investment Managers - Stéphane Janin
Schroders - Sheila Nicoll
Nordea Wealth Management - Jarkko Syyrilä

Director General:  Peter de Proft