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EFAMA regularly publishes documents that provide background information and insights on the European investment management industry.

Promoting a high-level of investor protection through balanced and effective regulation, high ethical standards, integrity and professionalism throughout the industry is at the heart of EFAMA's mission.

Acting as a major representative of the buy-side, EFAMA regularly takes positions on a broad range of capital markets issues with the overall objective to promote market transparency and liquidity.

EFAMA is actively engaged in the discussion of a number of tax initiatives such as FATCA or the Financial Transaction Tax, for instance, with a view to minimize their negative impacts for our clients and the investment management industry.

One of the objectives of EFAMA is to strengthen the competitiveness of the European fund and asset management industry. Converging towards common standards is an effective approach to contribute to this goal.

EFAMA is the primary source for statistical data on the European Investment Fund Industry.

The increasing life expectancy and the impact of the current crisis on the financial sustainability of public pension schemes demonstrate that state-sponsored pension benefits will not be adequate in the future.

The AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) establishes harmonised regulatory standards for ‘managers of alternative investment funds” (AIFM).

As part of its response to the 2008 financial crisis,the European Commission decided to review the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID I), which came into force in 2007.

The global financial crisis has highlighted the need to make the financial system more robust, stable and transparent.The difficulties experienced by a small number of MMFs raised concerns about the risk characteristics of money market funds.

Financial products are sold to retail investors under different forms and through different sales channels. PRIPs seek to provide the same investor protection to retail investors independently of the product's legal form or the sales channel.

Investors increasingly feel a responsibility to address the growing environmental, social and governance challenges of today’s world. The European asset management industry has adapted to investors’ growing demand for responsible investment by providing the tools and advice for selecting ESG friendly investments.

UCITS refers to a set of European Union Directives establishing a harmonized legal framework for collective investment schemes in the EU, with a strong focus on investors’ protection and product regulation.