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Fact Book


The EFAMA Fact Book is the go-to reference for data on European investment funds
and information on the most recent industry trends. 


 Online version only, free of charge!
At your fingertips:
  • Recent key developments in the UCITS and AIF markets
  • Asset allocation of European funds
  • Cost and performance of UCITS
  • Main investors in investment funds
  • Long-term trends in the European fund industry
  • Net sales and assets of worldwide funds
  • Detailed overview of developments in 29 European countries
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Info-boxes on key regulatory files:
For purchase: two unique data & statistics kits. This includes:
  • Data package Fact Book 2024 - Tables contains data on the 5 largest asset managers in various European countries and 57 tables with historical time series on net assets, net sales and number of UCITS and AIFs at the country level, in addition to a set of tables on the worldwide fund market. These tables are not included in the digital Fact Book and so provide additional information compared to what is published.

  • Data package Fact Book 2024  - Charts contains all 175+ charts and tables included in Part 1 of the Fact Book.

Tables and Charts are presented in handy Excel spreadsheets, making it easy to use and/or modify the data.


The Fact Book is produced with the generous support of our sponsors:


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