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Capital Markets Union


Building a Capital Markets Union (CMU) serving the needs of European citizens and businesses is as ambitious as it is essential: the effort will enable pensioners and savers to share in the upside of Europe’s economic recovery. In the process, European capital markets also become more efficient and better integrated. This long-term vision is key to financing European innovation and to supporting the transition towards a more sustainable economy.


Increasing retail investors’ participation in capital markets is an essential component for building an effective CMU. Improving access to financial and non-financial information and addressing the high data costs our industry is encountering, are also important steps towards a functioning CMU. All this, while maintaining and improving the attractiveness of the European investment management sector in today's global environment.


EFAMA prepared a list of key actions that are required to reach the CMU objectives from an investor perspective. We have also developed a specific Key Performance Indicator to measure year-on-year progress towards increasing retail participation in capital markets in each member state. 

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