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Fact Book


The EFAMA Fact Book is the go-to reference for data on European investment funds
and information on the most recent industry trends. 



Picture of the cover of the Fact Book For the first time, the Fact Book is available online, free of charge!
New this year:
  • Special focus on the AIF market.
  • Analysis of the asset allocation of UCITS.
  • Look-through the financial portfolio holdings of households, insurers, pension funds and other financial intermediaries.
  • Special “info-boxes” focusing on MMFs, SFDR, the cost and performance of UCITS, ELTIFs, the impact of inflation, and the rise of China in the fund market.
And more:
Freely available:
  • A thorough analysis of recent trends in UCITS and AIFs markets
  • Detailed overview of the developments in the investment fund market in 28 European countries
For purchase: a unique data & statistics kit. This includes:
  • Data on the 5 largest asset managers in various European countries
  • A set of 57 tables with historical time series on net assets, net sales and the number of UCITS and AIFs at country level
  • An Excel-based statistical package

Preview the contents of the data & statistics kit here.


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