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EFAMA and Deloitte
Members Only
Sustainability-related Disclosures (SFDR)

Deloitte and EFAMA are holding a webinar on cross-border distribution of EU funds in the United Kingdom, including expert speakers from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Deloitte. 


The HM Treasury announced in January 2024 that EEA UCITS funds would have access to the Overseas Fund Regime (OFR) without having to comply with any additional regulatory requirements. However, ‘recognised overseas funds’ would have to comply with the upcoming UK Retail Disclosure Framework and potentially also the recently adopted Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR), subject to a consultation.


The webinar will discuss the FCA’s work to operationalise this regime and how these regulatory developments will impact cross-border fund distribution.


For EFAMA members only.

  • The UK regulatory agenda
  • The Overseas Fund Regime
  • The UK Retail Disclosure Framework
  • The Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR)
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