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Annual Review 2018-2019

EU Fund regulation
20 June 2019 | Publication
EU Fund regulation
Annual review 2018-2019

I am pleased to provide you with an overview of our activities since our 2018 Annual General Meeting in Cyprus.

Credit where credit is due. I would like to congratulate my predecessor Peter De Proft for all the work in his twelve year tenure as EFAMA Director General and for the constructive support he has shown me from the start. This has greatly facilitated the handover.

This report is structured around the work of our nine Committees, two Platforms and Brexit Task Force. Committees 
are the blood of our Association as they have overall responsibility to develop sound and evidence-based common 
positions on relevant EU/global initiatives. 

More than the number of Committee meetings held over the past 12 months, what matters is what we have managed to achieve collectively. Hopefully this report will give you a good sense of our achievements. 

Our main purpose as a European trade body is to advocate on behalf of the industry. As incoming Director General I am determined to pursue this objective relentlessly and ensure tha       Europe. This will require focus, commitment and resources.

From my conversations with members so far, I know I can rely on you to bring our Association to the next level, where it belongs. More changes are to come. Good ones. Opportunities to further strengthen our Association abound. Let’s seize them!

I am grateful to the EFAMA staff for their hard work in what has been quite an unsettling period. 

I am equally thankful to our Board members for their strong commitment and strategic guidance. 

I look forward to serving you.


Tanguy van de Werve

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