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The European Asset Management Industry's Engagement in Financial Education Initatives

Investor Education
24 March 2022 | Publication
Investor Education
Picture of the report's front cover
EFAMA Report: more must be done to improve European citizens' financial literacy.


This is evidenced in the second edition of EFAMA's report, "The European Asset Management Industry's Engagement in Financial Education Initiatives", released in March 2022.


The report, prefaced by Commissioner Mairead McGuinness, is divided into three parts.


  • The first part includes contributions from OECD’s Flore-Anne Messy, IOSCO’s Martin Moloney, ESMA’s Natasha Cazenave and Better Finance’s Aleksandra Mączyńska. All highlight the importance of investor education and financial literacy initiatives.  
  • The second part provides an updated version of the EFAMA guidelines for investor education initiatives, which were included in the initial 2014 EFAMA Report.  The guidelines have been updated to reflect the experience of EFAMA members active in investor education initiatives, as well as the recently adopted joint EU/OECD financial competence framework for adults. 
  • The third part is devoted to investor education initiatives undertaken by national associations and corporate members to improve the financial well-being of citizens and help them feel more in control of their financial position.



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