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investor education
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Investor Education

As a proud supporter of IOSCO’s World Investor Week, EFAMA is organising this event to stimulate discussion and actions on investor education and financial literacy in Europe.


On this occasion, EFAMA will present a new animated brochure aimed at millennials, titled ‘Investing for a better future – 5 tips to do more with your savings’. The brochure aims at stimulating millennials to consider investing early and explains how to get started. It will be available in many European languages.


This will be followed by three presentations and a Roundtable discussion on the role of the private sector in the evolving needs for financial education of millennials.


The event will be open to the public and the media.



13:00 – 13:20 

Introductory remarks & Presentation of the leaflet

Denise Voss (ALFI), Chair of EFAMA’s Investor Education Platform


13:20 – 14:00   

Three ten-minute presentations on Millennials & Money & Investing

  • Bettina Mazzocchi (Head of iShares & Wealth for FraBeLux, BlackRock)
  • Massimo Mazzini (Head of Marketing and Business Development, Eurizon Asset Management)
  • Guillaume Prache (Managing Director, Better Finance)


Keynote address by Professor Alex Edmans on the importance of financial literacy

to millennials and the importance of teaching finance as a force for good


14:30 – 15:00

Roundtable discussion – The role of the private sector in their evolving needs for

financial education - Q&A with the millennials present at the event


Moderator: Natalie Westerbarkey (Director & Head of EU Public Policy | Fidelity International), Vice-Chair of EFAMA’s Investor Education Platform


Panellists: Alex Edmans, Massimo Mazzini, Denise Voss, Bettina Mazzocchi, and Guillaume Prache.


Watch the recording here!

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