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Investing for a better future - 5 tips to do more with your savings

Investor Education
29 September 2021 | Publication
Investor Education
investor education how to get started

Investor education initiatives are essential to improve financial literacy and empower citizens to make sound decisions when managing their savings. If citizens do not have the basic knowledge to understand financial concepts such as risk diversification, compound interest and real rate of return, they won’t know where to start or what to ask should they wish to invest their savings. A lack of sufficient financial literacy in most European countries helps explain why the vast majority of households don’t directly invest any of their savings in the capital markets.


EFAMA has been at the forefront of efforts to urge authorities to raise financial literacy levels in the general population, through widespread and improved financial and investor education initiatives. We are also a long-time supporter of IOSCO's World Investor Week and organise a yearly event on investor education. 


EFAMA's Investor Education Platform has now produced an animated brochure aimed at millennials, titled ‘Investing for a better future – 5 tips to do more with your savings’. The brochure aims at stimulating millennials to consider investing early and explains how to get started. It has kindly been translated by many of EFAMA's National Association members and is available in several European languages.



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More languages will be added over time!


Check here for more information about investor education.


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